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Anima image is a multimedia producer, specializing in filming live events.  We offer premium "Ottawa wedding video" services in High Definition so all your memories can be preserved in greatest detail.  Ottawa video wedding production is our specialty but all clients wishing to have their live event videographed, edited and authored on DVD are welcome.

Why Choose Anima Image?

High quality videography and fair pricing are features that set us apart from our competitors.
  • We film only in High Definition, which means the detail captured is about 3 times higher than that of standard NTSC, the picture is sharper, brighter and more natural.
  • Our prices are low.

Services Offered

We offer a variety of videography services in the Ottawa area. We specialize in filming live events, such as: baptisms, first communions, weddings, Bat Mitzvahs and all types of receptions and parties.
Before filming, we will consult with you, go through the itinerary of your event and work out all the details. We will make sure that all aspects are taken care of.
We can also provide music for your event, through our affiliates.

Pricing and Packages (all 2011 bookings are now welcome)

You can choose one of our packages or we can design a custom package for you, according to your specific needs. Anima Image will beat any competitor's price in the Ottawa area!

For custom packages, please contact us.

Packages start from $900:
Examples of services covered:
  • pre-wedding consultation
  • Bride's house preparation
  • rehearsal attendance (complementary)
  • ceremony coverage (off course)
  • wedding reception
  • editing
  • multiple DVD cpies
  • photo session coverage
  • speeches and stories before and right after dinner
  • more editing
  • after-ceremony gathering
  • reception coverage (until late)
  • other customs (ethnic?) if required
  • editing consultation
  • edited introduction
  • even more editing
  • three DVD copies

Additional Services

  • Short and Long versions of the event
  • photo-montage introduction
  • Copy Right music: (suggested sources: Magnatune and Freeplaymusic)
  • highlights with copyright music
  • Groom's preparation
  • PAL DVDs
  • VHS copies

Service area

We offer videography services in Ottawa, Gatineau, Hull and the surrounding areas within 60 Km.  


There are no special offers or promotions at this time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who owns the Copy Rights to the video ?
Please consult the Canadian Copy Right Act

How can I play the Sample clips ?
Just download and play, the clips are encoded with highly efficient mpeg4/mp3 format to save precious Internet bandwidth.  We suggest using MPLAYER although Windows Media Player or Quick Time Player may also play them correctly depending on the video/audio codecs you have on your system.  You may download MPLAYER from the following locations:  Windows users click here, or here or from an external mirror 1 or mirror 2.  Linux users may go directly to the MPLAYERHQ.HU website

Why do the Sample clips seam "choppy" when I play ?
Most likely the computer you are using to play these clips is too slow, minimum recommended system is a Pentium 4  >2.0 Ghz  or an  Athlon XP 2400 or better with an ATI graphics adapter.

Why would I want to have my event filmed in High Definition ?
High definition video preserves around 6 times more detail than standard NTSC when the aspect of progressive frame capture is taken into consideration as opposed to the interlaced nature of standard Digital Video in North American.  Even though you may not have a high definition TV (and HDVCR) at this time, you will be able to watch your event on DVD, because NTSC DVD compilations are always included in our packages.  Please remember, you can always watch the High Definition version on your computer.  As HD (high definition) TVs become more popular along with high definition players you will be able to relive your memories in vivid detail.

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Christopher Winnicki, producer


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